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About Us

All countries around Europe are struggling with almost the same issues that emerged after COVID-19. Across Europe, the most affected were Italy and Spain. Therefore, this partnership was formed from the need to cooperate based on the needs of this critical situation.

One of our objectives is to bring all the expertise and experience of our partners to come with innovative solutions to overcome this period. Kilcooley Women’s Centre – has led numerous Erasmus + programs previously and engaged in many EU projects.

The KWC team can bring financial management and administrative experience to the project delivery team. KWC has extensive employability projects, experience in delivering and supporting long-term unemployed persons re-entering the workforce in Northern Ireland, including the delivery of regional European Social Fund projects.

Social Life Volunteers – (Turkey)- has experience in Erasmus+ and has partnered with Kilcooley Women’s Centre on several Erasmus+ programs previously and have an established relationship and rapport. Open Europe (Spain) – has a vast experience in Erasmus+ and has partnered Kilcooley Women’s Centre on many Erasmus+ programs previously and have an established relationship and rapport. 

They have experience working with youth and adult education, employability, and language development and exchanges.

ARES – Italy (Italy) – provides services both for private and public organizations. It is an accredited body for VET by the Italian Region of Molise. It has a quality system and certification according to the ISO 9001:2008 for training and services. Its principal expertise is in CAREER GUIDANCE for people of different ages and employment conditions.

IEDS (Romania) – is a new organization to Erasmus+. Through the activity of its members and volunteers, it comes to the aid of people in difficulty so they can develop professionally, socially, and personally by facilitating access to education and information. Due to the pandemic, the region of Bihor is facing unemployability. The scope of the association is to facilitate the access of vulnerable people to information and education in order to gain knowledge, abilities, and skills enabling them to have a decent and active life at the personal, family, and community level in full accordance with the rights ensuring their personal development and social inclusion.


To enable unemployed citizens or those with mental health vulnerabilities because of COVID19 receive the support they need to re-enter the labour market and achieve their full academic attainment potential within the workforce. The project will provide social and emotional support by providing awareness training workshops to improve mental health and self-care. The project will equip educators with the knowledge and understanding of the issues of COVID19 and the impact on the workforce.

Target Group

Those who have been made redundant due to COVID19, young people in the NEET category who have even less opportunities following COVID, disadvantaged groups (such as migrants) who may face discrimination or increased disadvantage as a direct result of COVID19, people with mental health issues following COVID19 such as long term depression or experienced trauma which will impact on their ability to maintain positions within the labour market. The project will work to support actions, co-operations and tools consistent with the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy, investing in knowledge, skills, competencies, benefiting individuals, communities, organizations & civic society. It will also give learners the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of the EU and how it can affect their life outcomes and how they can use their skills and training to affect and influence decision making processes in their careers.


Employment support for disadvantaged groups resulting from COVID19 impact and resulting employment and financial trauma through a bespoke and dynamic training toolkit.

The Project

The project´s main objective is to provide psychological/wellbeing support & professional guidance in the process of employability.

Adults educators will mentor people how to re-orient their professional carriers & to discover together which job is more suitable for each of them.

To learn how to adapt to this new lifestyle & to embrace new challenges in their professional lives more easily.

To ‘RESET & RESTART’. The project will focus on a set of services, activities & tangible solutions, which allow disadvantaged people to make decisions on their education, training & occupations, & manage their own careers, which are OUTCOMES focused.

The project will extend & develop educators competencies through training of trainers & creating a legacy to the project with the training course & modules collectively developed.

The course developed will improve & extend the supply of high quality learning opportunities for disadvantaged people, tailored to the needs of the individual & each jurisdiction of the partnership.

Together they will deliver high level outcomes to improve the psychology health of disadvantaged people & to facilitate them the process of employability on the labour market

Why Erasmus+ & European Union

Bringing European Social Communities togeather to improve employment opportunities.

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