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Reset & Restart, Unemployment to Employment

The project will work to support actions, co-operations & tools consistent with the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy, investing in knowledge, skills, competencies, benefiting individuals, communities, organizations & civic society.

It will also give learners the opportunity to develop their knowledge & understanding of the EU & how it can affect their life outcomes & how they can use their skills & training to affect & influence decision making processes in their careers.

How we do it?

A TOT will train trainers who will provide psychological support for disadvantaged learners on their professional reorientation – the outputs proposed for developing this partnership learning program are:


CV Development

Develop training curricula adapted to the common professional profile of adult educators (TOT) in psychological guidance on changing career.

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interview Skills

Developed an online course curriculum which assists in developing career problem solving skills to cope with their emotional, logical & practical needs. Psychometric assessments provide an objective & realistic view to plan a career transition strategy. This online course will be available in 5 languages

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Develop competences & skills of 110 professionals in adult education to become vocational counselors using short-term staff training & learner’s blended mobilities. (Those 10 and100 has to have different skills)

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“Online Mentoring in career changing”

This e-tool will be avaliable in 5 different languages and the person who uses this tool will be able to mentor in his/her own language.

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Skill Improvment

Increased institutional capacity of 5 organizations in 5 countries and include

  1. Activities will include
  2. Mobilities
  3. Local training
  4. Multiplier events
  5. Case studies
  6. Explorative workshops

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Employment After Covid19


The skills learnt will help with improving your ability to be employed and stay employed.

Employment After Covid19

Training for Employment

As part of the Reset&Restart Erasmus Plus project, a group of people from five countries have been trained to offer you professional online counselling.

Using Technologies to get back into employment